upside down


I have recently found that my morning rituals are changing.

I'm thinking this is an ok thing.  For a while, and by a while I mean a week, I tried to merge the old schedule with the emerging new schedule.  Which meant going to bed at 11:30-12 and still getting up at 4:00.  

Craziness I know.

But I'm reformed.  I still go to bed about 11:30.  But I'm now sleeping until 5.  Hooray.

This sleeping an extra hour in the morning presents a few issues in the morning routine department.  There is no longer time to wander around sleepily nursing a cup of coffee and waiting for oatmeal to cook.  And there is no longer time to color my hair before work.

This new schedule has shrunken my leisure morning time.  I only have 20 minutes to putt around on the internet instead of 1+ hour.  Which really is just totally fine.

I now eat a bowl of cereal in the morning instead of waiting for oatmeal to cook and the be cool enough the eat.  I sit in the chair while the coffee is brewing and eat my cherrios in a way that takes me back to high school where it's 7:30 and I'm eating and I need to be getting in the car so I can get to school but first I have to do this and this and this and this.  But if I leave now I can catch Shauna before she cuts across the desert.  

Yep.  Just like that.

Then the coffee is done, the bowl is rinsed and deposited in the dishwasher and I pour my hot beverage into a giant mug and pad over to the computer.

And now here I am.

And while I have only 6 minutes left to get this done and get a move on with my morning if I finally want to make it to work on time, I do have a strong urge to pull out the crayons and coloring book that are staring me in the face and graffiti all over another page.  It sure is hard to change a schedule.  Especially a schedule you like.

And by graffiti I mean, who dictates the Nemo is orange anyway?  In my world he's purple.  Just so you know.

I always liked to blog in the morning. But the new schedule does not allow enough time to take care of such things by the proper time of the morning.  I'm now figuring out what my creativity does at night instead of the morning.  

Except for this morning.  Because so far my creativity sleeps at night.

And for those wondering, Ellie has no complaints.  She just wants someone to pet her. 




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