4,203 incoming


It's been an interesting 4 weeks.  Much has happened, many plans have been made, and unfortunately not many things have been crossed off the list.  


Hmm, something to work on during the next 4 weeks.  I've spent the morning reviewing and consolidating current lists.  Finding the priorities.  Eliminating the petty things.  It's time to get a move on and back into shape.

In other news, I had 4,203 incoming text messages last month.  That's a major increase from the 290 the month before.  Makes me giggle like a school girl.

How you know you text A LOT:

  • When you are typing a school paper and press the space bar twice to add a period.
  • When you're bugged the auto correct doesn't kick in when typing a blog.

And I only sent 4,141 messages.  So if you sent me a message and I didn't respond I'm sorry.  

It's amazing I've slept at all.


Big things happening this week.  Ellie's very excited about it.  She might even get her nails trimmed in preparation.  

Today is filled with a girl date and game night.  Work tomorrow and off again on Monday for President's Day.  

Life is so good right now.




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