it’s not about i love you

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I've heard every argument under the sun as to the reasons to not acknowledge Valentine's Day.

Really?  You can't get off your pants and buy your girl a card?  Really?!?

Yes, love should be expressed everyday, not on only one day.

Yes, everything that one would typically give on this day of love has now doubled in price.

No, please do not conform to the restraints of society to express more than you feel comfortable on this day created by the greeting card companies to make a buck.  

But seriously, is it really not ok to tell the girl you like that you like her?  Is this part of some man code you learn when you're young and never really grow out of?  

Writing her a love note doesn't cost a penny.

It doesn't have to be roses, but buy her flowers.  Seriously.

And you know what? Don't buy her anything.  Don't spend a dime.  But if you don't, you should hold her and tell her how you feel about her.  And what it does to you when you're with her.  And that you love, or like, “us”.  Because if you don't, her feelings about “us” will change.  And I'm pretty sure that's something you don't want.  

I've had many icky Valentine's Day non-festivities in the past.  I've experienced V-Day in every relationship status possible.  And they all sucked.  So know that this rant comes from a very real place. 

And because of my tumultuous history with this day of love, this commercial made me cry.  And it still does.  Every time.  Because this is exactly what every girl wants from her man.

(please don't mind the commercials)



Valentine's Day is not for saying “I love you”.  It's for saying “I love us”.  “I love you” is something you should be saying everyday.  “I love us” is so much more special.  


“Forever could never be long enough for me to feel like I've had long enough with you.”

So cheers to a promising future.

And Happy Valentine's Day.


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