and so it goes


The weather is beautiful today.  After months of below freezing temperatures it's finally supposed to be 53 today.

Yeah, thats still chilly.  I know.  But it sure feels nice.  It's only reached 34 this morning so far and the patio door is open and I'm enjoying the chill flowing through the place. 

Though the heater just kicked on.


I'm enjoying my coffee and oatmeal this morning at a leisurely pace.  It's so nice to feel a bit more in control this morning than I have the past few… weeks?  Nope.  The past few months.  The difference is now I feel like I can make plans instead of trying to keep up with the things being thrown at me.  I no longer feel like a victim.  Yay!

So I have plans to spend a bit of time in the chilly sunshine today.  It does a body good.  And I'm hoping to be a bit creative in the next two days as well.  Because it's good for the soul.

In between homework and chores of course.  



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