today i embrace flat hair

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There has always been something soothing about taking a shower at night.  It's about coming home to your safe place and allowing the hot water to rinse and wash away everything that happened that day.  Letting it all go and sending it down the drain.  Very therapeutic.  Plus, it feels good to follow up by putting on fresh-from-the-dryer jammies and snuggle in with a cup of tea and a book.  

The problem with me is that I have curly hair.  And off and on it would be considered short.  If I were to go to bed with wet hair, or even damp hair, by the time morning comes it's a complete hysterical mess up there.  No straight iron can conquer it.  And of course, I could wet the spot and dry it and try to salvage the 'do.  Or dunk my hair in the sink or strain my back by bending over the side of the tub.  But at some point it's a production and it would be faster to just get back in the shower and start over. 

Until I discovered… duh, dry it before you go to bed.  Which has worked for me thus far.  My nightly showers are still not a daily occurrence, don't worry I shower in the morning instead.  But I like that the option is there now.  

You see, if I'm not showering in the morning, because I did the night before, then I don't need to be up as earrrrrrly.  Which is another fabulous reason to shower at night.  

The draw back to this ingenious idea?  I end up with flat hair.  Yep.  Flat.  Now understand, my desired style is no where near a Snooki-inspired bump.  Nor is it similar to the affectionately called Utah hair that requires a certain amount of backcombing and hairspray.  It's just me.  

Let's weigh this, shall we?  The pros:

1. A shower at night provides clean toes for slipper socks.

2. Shaved legs in between the sheets (let's face it, everyone wins with this)

3. Make-up free face.

4. Stress relief because all your troubles just went down the drain. 

5. Sleep longer in the morning.

Now for the cons: I have flat hair in the morning.

And that's about it.  Is this really a contest?  Are we really discussing this?

Yeah, today I embrace the flat hair.



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