my bathroom is wearing my makeup


I wear powdered makeup.  Y'know, the loose powder kind?  I like it because it's not full coverage, it's not heavy, it's easy to apply, and it typically does not make a mess.

But the stuff is not easy to clean off of something which is why I wait to put on my top layer of clothing until after I apply makeup.  Otherwise little particles of #2 ivory will be dusted all over my black sweater.  And that's just not attractive.


So enter the day that I'm already running a bit behind.  I've pulled all my shortcuts to make the getting ready process go a bit faster and I'm down to the makeup routine which never takes that long anyway, 5 minutes and I'm out the door.  So I shake it, twist it open, rotate it in my fingers to set it on the counter.  And it slips.  And #2 ivory flies in every direction.

I may or may not have allowed an expletive to escape.  (sorry mom)

All I could do was stand there and look at the #2 ivory dust the counter, side of the cabinet, toilet paper & holder, trash can, and pile itself on the floor.  With random spatters on the carpet.

Right then I was grateful it wasn't liquid.

With arms hanging at my side and shoulders slumped I stare dejectedly at the mess.  Now I'll have to purchase a new one 2 weeks sooner.  Grrr.

So at 6:00 am I'm pulling the vacuum out of the closet and sucking up the dreadful stuff.  Because heaven forbid you try to wipe it up, especially on the carpet.  And as I'm cleaning the mess I notice it's also on my jeans.  And I'm having a hard time caring about it.

So the mess is cleaned as good as it's gonna get for this early in the morning and I make a mental note to mop the bathroom floor at a later date, but sooner rather than later.

And while I'm running out the door, preparing myself for the 15 minute drive to work that will leave me 10 minutes late, I'm grateful that is wasn't one of those mornings that happen when you accidentally proke yourself in the eye with the mascara wand.  Because that bloody hurts.  And while the mess was all over the cabinet and floor, it's not like the mess that happens when you sneeze directly after applying mascara.  Because that kind of disaster sticks with you all day.

So yeah, silly things happen to me.  But they could all be so much worse.


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2 thoughts on “my bathroom is wearing my makeup

  1. I laugh, too. And I'm so glad you didn't poke your eye out with the mascara wand! Isn't it funny how we can be grateful for such a mess!

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