over the years


I purchased my Mac in Feb of 2009.  It's one of the best purchases I've ever made.  And, y'know if I was into marrying inanimate object, I would.  One of the fun programs on the computer is photo booth.  And yes, it's fun taking pictures of yourself while sitting at your computer.  Trust me.

But what is more fun than taking them is looking at them a couple years later.  It makes me laugh.  And the most interesting part?  Since the computer doesn't move from it's spot in the house very often, you get the see the picture background change.  And it just cracks me up. 

I was looking and laughing the other day so I thought I would share with you too.  Yes, the room was kind of a mess.  But deal with it.  Cuz right now, it's funny.

Photo 2

Photo 6

Photo 1

Photo 19

Photo 20

Photo 14

Photo 31

Photo 36

Photo 29

Photo 17

Photo 32

Photo 40

Photo 45

Photo 50

Photo 44

Photo 70

Photo 75

Photo 78

Photo 79

Photo 82

Photo 83

Photo 68 

Photo 76

Photo 81

Photo 93

Photo 103

Photo 87

Photo 85 

Photo 94

Photo 105

Photo 97

Photo 107

Photo 112

Photo 114

Photo 115

Photo 128

Photo 131

Photo 134

Photo 139

Photo 137

Photo 143

Photo 148

Photo 155

Photo 158

Photo 164

Photo 168

Photo 150

Photo 59

Photo 171

Photo 177

Other things to notice in this little exercise?  My hair changes, my weight gain/loss, and I frequently eat while at the computer.

If these photos prove anything, it's that I'm a dork.

Happy Monday.



2 thoughts on “over the years

  1. What I noticed:
    1. You arebsolutely gorgeous.
    2. You are so funny!…The bagels had me on the floor.
    3. ELLIE!!!!
    4. You are a multifaceted talented woman, so what if there's a little clutter?! It inevitably found a home, right?
    Thanks for sharing your awesome slideshow!

  2. What I noticed
    Well dog wong chong you are cute!!!! no matter the hair style, color, clothes or clutter, you are cute! Your face and your personality. I think it is more fun to be a dork than to not! Love you!

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