sushi to the rescue



A work friend facilitated a trip to a sushi joint.  And it was sooooo yummy!  So glad I finally tried it again.  And I'll be eating more of it!

Another adventure accomplished from the list.  Yay!

I hit the bed sheets early last night with the goal of sleeping as long as possible.  I made it to 8 am.  Yay!  That's 11 hours of sleep.  Feels sooooo good.  

I'm feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the big tasks this weekend.  

Shortly I'm headed over to the old apartment to finish packing up and move it all over here. (yep, still haven't done that.) 

Then I'm headed to the grocery store.  I hate not having food here.  Drives me nuts!

Then I'll be sorting, organizing, and putting away all my stuff.  It's gonna be so fun!

Tomorrow is laundry day.

And then I should be completely moved in here.

It only took two weeks.


I'm also itching to do a project or two.  Which really needs to wait until next weekend.  I have some school stuff to do and this moving thing has completely occupied me and really needs to get done so I can move on. 



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