When was the last time

inspirations, life

you said “wahoo”?


Did you see the movie I.Q.?  I haven't seen it in a REALLY long time.  But I've always remembered this part.  Though I don't remember the context and why it's significant.  

Catherine Boyd: You took Albert Einstein for a ride on that thing? 
Ed Walters: Sure. 
Catherine Boyd: Well don't ever do that again! 
Ed Walters: Come on. He loved it. He went Wahoo. 
Catherine Boyd: Wahoo? 
Ed Walters: When's the last time he said Wahoo? 
Catherine Boyd: Well I'm sure I don't know. 
Ed Walters: When's the last time *you* said Wahoo? 
Catherine Boyd: Well I'm *sure* I don't know. 

But really, when was the last time you did something that brought you complete enjoyment?  When was the last time you completely let go of the little things and allowed yourself to be present?  When was the last time you were completely blissed out and could think of nothing else at that moment?

To me this is the basis of finding happiness in life.  There are always things to be done.  Something to organize, put away, wash, or take care of.  

Life isn't full of the big stuff.  Someone isn't always getting married.  It's not always Christmas.  Or your birthday.

But the flowers come up from the snow in the spring.  The sun warms your skin. The chilly air invigorates you. The car starts.  You caught the train.  You're wearing your favorite shoes. You got a new pair of jeans.  Finding happiness in these moments is the trick.

So allow yourself to stop and be grateful for catching the train.  Stop and feel the sun on your face.  Expand your lungs and breath in that chilly air.  Prance around the house in your new jeans.  Be grateful for the moment.

Happiness is finding bliss in the small moments.

One of my guilty pleasures is purchasing magazines.  One of my favorites is Real Simple.  I snagged up the January issue to take with me on the plane to Oakland recently.  The main topic inside this month was happiness.  The articles were interesting and thought provoking.  And all had the common theme of what happiness is.  And according to this magazine, happiness is found in the small moments.

I listed their 9 easy ways to be happier:

1. Chill Out – Recent research says cold temperatures can improve your mood.

2. Remember Whence You Came – Don't underestimate the power of nostalgia.  

3.  Don't Dwell – Ruminators are more likely to be depressed.  So distract yourself.

4.  Spread the Wealth – Giving away money will make you happier than spending it.

5.  Eat a Snack Around 2 p.m. – Levels of serotonin are down.  Eat B vitamins and complex carbs.

6.  Get a Move On – Exercise can provide the same benefits as some of the most powerful medications.

7.  Limit Your Options – Whittle down your options to a few choices, pick one and move on.

8.  Start Baking – Or find something to occupy 100% of your attention.  You'll be motivated and focused.

9.  Make Your Bed – People are happier when everyday tasks are completed.

I've always considered myself as generally happy.  But I'm interested to implement a couple of these to see what kind of difference it makes.  

May this year be full of the small moments that bring bliss.



ps – the picture above is of layered chipboard stickers by We R Memory Keepers from the Out and About line.  I saw the WAHOO and had to have it.  I was so excited about the line, I wanted to purchase one of everything.  But I restrained and only got the chipboard words. 

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