ants marching


Too many things are happening over here.

I'm having trouble keeping up.

I've had to re-prioritize my life for the next couple weeks.

And I need a nap.



My dad's brother passed away early Tuesday morning.  The funeral is Saturday in the bay area.  My sister and I will be flying into Oakland airport Friday mid-morning.

In a handful of ways, this has flipped my world upside down.  

Right now there is no planning for the next few days ahead.  As of this afternoon, the world stops turning and getting to California is the priority.  It really is only one thing at a time.

And I still have a cold.

And I need a nap.



School starts Monday.  Headed to campus with my best girl to get books today.  

2 classes, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.  


And while I'll be away from this computer for a few days, you should read this post and then this post from Lindsay at Love Addict.  Very thought provoking.  And, coincidentally, it's exactly how I feel too.  Even though I've marched that parade before.  



Of course, attending a funeral was not how I planned to spend the first weekend of the new year.  But I'm not concerned, worried, frustrated, hurt, or upset.  So I'm not complaining.  



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