i’ll have a blue christmas without you

Happy Travels, life

I will resist the urge to list all the things that need to get done on this post.  I'll do that tomorrow.  But I will say, it is one thing after another over here.  It's hard to enjoy the process or not feel rushed.  


Spending time with my sister is always nice.  It slows me down a bit.  It's a good thing my computer isn't portable.  Otherwise I'd be connected to their wi-fi and working the whole time I was there.  One of the reasons I haven't sprung for a laptop yet.  Because I really do know when I need a break.  And when it's important to take one. 


The kids are good natured and funny.  Really funny!  That house laughs in the belly multiple times a day.  You can't help it.  You just know that everyone loves each other.  And it's nice to have someone pull a frowny face when you announce it's time to go home.  It's nice to feel loved.  


Ellie felt the love too.  The kids adore her.  Who doesn't?  Or couldn't?  With her big brown eyes and floppy ears and hilarious roll overs.  Except that we've discovered that my sister is allergic to her. *sad*


We made wonderful 5 minute fudge.  Which I forgot to get the recipe for.  We left treats for Santa and water for the reindeer.  We enjoyed our secret santa exchange on christmas eve.  And laughed and giggled our way through christmas morning.  


And while it's really nice to be home in your own routine, in your own bed, surrounded by your own stuff, it sure is nice to break away and get outside of yourself every so often.  


I got so lost in my self discovery and progress I forget about those people I care the most about.  I've realized this year that it's time for me to make more progress with other people.  It's time to renew the relationships and build new ones.  I've been close to my nieces and nephews my whole life.  We practically grew up at the same time.  It's time to reconnect.  Because pretty soon they will be all gone and on their own way.  And while I feel like I'll always be loved by them, now is the time to connect with them.  Before I get *old* and they get too busy. 


AND are you working on goals for the new year?  I am!  Of course.  Along with my 27 before 28, I'll be working on new routines and personal discovery.  Can't wait!



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