you and me baby we’re stuck like glue


Almost finished up with the Christmas shopping and making.  Surprised how fast it actually happened this year.  In part because I haven't had all month to think about it.  Also because there aren't many purchases to make in the first place.

Another short stop at the crafty store today should make the list complete.  Then home tonight for some wrapping and packaging and off to the post office tomorrow.  Nothing like a last minute stop at the post office with the rest of the valley.  But some years, that's just how it goes.  


Ellie and I are prepping for our trek back into the great white north.  I'll be bringing my snow appropriate shoes this time.  Not sure what I was thinking about last time, but all I had with me were my Toms.  Yep, canvas shoes do absolutely nothing when it comes to staying warm (and dry) in the snow.  Or a freezing cold gym.  So this time my snow boots are top priority.


Piles are stacking themselves up around the place.  Not sure where they all came from.  Or how they got there.  But they need some attention.  In an I'm-gonna-topple-over-if-you-don't-put-me-away-right-this-second kind of way.  Hopefully the holiday finishing up tonight wont take too long and I can get some of this under control.  I hope.

 I've picked up a few new Christmas tunes and it has made the work a bit more cheerful.  It's nice to mix it up a bit.  My goal is to have a whole library of Holiday tunes, so every year I get a few new ones.  And yes, they are all the same songs, but Michael Buble sings it differently than Barenaked Ladies.  Right?  Right. 


So happy singing along!


One thought on “you and me baby we’re stuck like glue

  1. for Christmas music you can't beat Manheim Steamroller! Their Hallelujiah Chorus rendention gives me chills everytime I hear it and I hear it several times a day! Merry Christmas Missy.

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