um… ok



We spent most of yesterday evening curled up on the chair.  It's been a long couple of days.  And it's only Wednesday. 

One more class to prepare for.  And it's almost done and done.  

The to do list for the craft fair is stagnant.  Neither growing nor shrinking.  Which I'm ok with for the moment.  Because I'm pretty tired.  Though I've been crocheting like a mad woman for the past 3 days.

The list for next week is growing though.  I keep coming across things that should get done but can definitely wait until after the craft fair.  So they've been pushed to next week and I'm not thinking about them anymore.  

And the place is slowly falling apart since my attention is focused elsewhere.  

I did go look at a couple apartments yesterday.  One is quite promising.  But there are a couple more to check out before I make a decision.  Which is fine because this should probably be waiting until next week too.  🙂

Not much else to say.  My mind is blank and my to do list is long.  



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