i love burt’s bees


I first fell in love with Burt's Bees lip balm.  Love love love.  Tingly and cool to fix up my chapped lips.  I have one everywhere.  In my camera bag, hiking bag, in my purse, in the bathroom, in my desk drawer at work and on my desk at home.  I will never purchase another brand of lip balm again.

Last Christmas I was gifted a small bag of Burt's Bees samples.  It was the perfect gift, but I hadn't really dug into the little bag to try them out.  Until this fall.  Out came the lotion.  Love.  The hand salve and cuticle cream came out when winter arrived and my skin dried out and started cracking.  Love.  So soothing.

At the beginning of the summer I pick up the after sun lotion.  I love it way better than the banana boat after sun lotion.  It's pretty thin, but it soaks right in and has a cooling effect.  I love that it doesn't leave me greasy or feeling coated.

The winter here is coooold and the air is super dry.  Especially the last couple weeks.  It was a beautiful fall and then all of the sudden it's the dead of winter.  Yikes!  Which means that not only that my hands dried out, but my face too.  I started getting flakeys around my nose and my skin was tight and dry.  Eewwww.  So I dipped back into my Burt's Bees bag and came out with the day radiance cream.  I had tried this in the summer but it was greasy and a bit much for my normal to oily skin.  But I gave it a go anyway.  And it is fantastic.  I'm off to the store to get a full size jar.  This is my perfect winter moisturizer.



Do you do something different in the winter for your skin?  What product do you love?



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