i’ve been cutting back the coffee


Because I drink too much.  Crazy right?  How can a person drink too much coffee??  Well, when the skin is dehydrated, and the bags under the eyes don't go away, and you get the caffeine shakes EVERY DAY, and you pick the coffee over the water, you're drinking too much.


So over the last week I've cut back.  Significantly.  And not only the coffee, but the caffeine too.  I'm surrounded by it every day at work, but that doesn't mean I have to drink it.  And consequently, my water intake has about tripled.  And yes, the headaches come and go.  And yes, I like it so I want it.  But I already feel better and my skin looks better and therefore, it's the better choice.

And while I love the Starbucks, we're talking about the home brewed as strong as you like it black coffee.  It really doesn't get much better than that.  Because while a venti skinny vanilla latte is wonderfully awesome, it's a luxury.  My home brew doesn't cost me 5 bucks a pop.  And while I'm out and about running errands and doing laundry and it's winter and chilly and wonderfully simplistic and I want coffee to make it perfect… it costs me money.  So I get home and make some tea and curl up in the chair with puppsy and I become equally happy, if not more happy, that I didn't indulge in the $5 coffee.  Because I can get the latest nail polish, new socks, makeup, the new Glamour magazine, or half a box of hair dye for the same price. 


Which brings me to shoes.  I L.O.V.E. shoes.  And with the exception of my birthday boots, I haven't purchased any since August.  And can I just say, this have been extremely difficult for me.  Did you see how cute the fall styles were?  Do you understand my love of sparkly outrageously cute heels?  I have a closet full of shoes I am absolutely in love with, and I always find another pair that I must have.  So much so, that I've plain stopped looking.  Yep.  I don't even go in there.  I don't walk past that department.  I don't go to that website.  It hurts my heart to walk away empty handed.  


BUT, would I rather pick up this pair of $40 shoes or would I rather pick up 3 pair of jeans?  2 new sweaters?  a new purse?  2 weeks worth of produce?  pay my utility bill?  put gas in the car?   twice? 

As always, there are things that are more important than others.  Like paying the bills or keeping the gas purchase off the credit card.  But when I complete something important or something that has been a hassle, like doing laundry after 3 weeks or a nonsensical homework assignment, I reward myself.  With coffee or shoes or nail polish.

My HipstaPrint 0-1

But I try remember, I can make my own coffee.  I can't make my own nail polish.

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