finally friday


It's Friday.  Finally.  I'm so ready for it.  This week has been one thing after another and I'm looking forward to tomorrow when the only thing I have to get out of bed for is Ellie.  Because I'm exhausted.


Headed in to work for a half day.  Then off to get the grocery shopping done and pick up Ellie.  Then I'm home to crack the whip on the homework I've been putting off.  I'm hoping to get it all finished and up to date by Saturday mid-day.  Because then I have laundry, a dirty bathroom, and some dishes to take care of.  

Then I hope to have Saturday evening and Sunday to do the things I WANT TO DO.  Please?  There is a bit of sewing and cleaning out to be done around here.  And I'd like to get to it.

But first things first.

In other… stuff, The dress and shoes are set aside for the holiday party next weekend.  I'm still feeling a bit flat about the upcoming experience.  But I think once it's here I'll be excited.  There is just so much to be done and think about between now and then.  

I'm off to get the priority list hammered out and the grocery list completed.  Then off to work.



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