Happy December

life, she said

CAn you believe it's December already?  Feels like August was yesterday.  This means I only have one more month to finish up all the things I wanted to do this year.  Yikes!

I've been putting together a list of 27 goals to complete before I turn 28.  But, I happen to have only 26.  I'm stumped on the last one.  Can it really be that there are only 26 things I want to do??  I can't imagine.  So I'll give it a while longer and I'm sure I'll come up with something.

Also, I'm now registered for school next semester.  School is one of those things I'm kinda done with.  Over it.  But I went ahead and pushed the auto-pilot button and registered anyway.  I think it really is a good thing.  I guess.  

And in the mean time, Ellie makes me laugh.  I just love having her around.  For a while I wondered if I would need to get rid of her to be able to move.  When I thought about it, it just made me so sad.  So she's mine forever!  And that makes me happy.





That's all I have for now.  I'll give you something better tomorrow.  🙂



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