I have always found inspiration in others. 

Some people are so creative.  It's like creativity is oozing from them.  Like they can't contain it or they would explode.  I've never felt this way.  And I always looked at people with that kind of talent and been kinda jealous.  I wish I had that.

There are people out there not much older than me that have accomplished so much.  They are working working working so hard.  They have their own business.  They are living their dreams.  They have the drive, the motivation, the energy, the guts to make their dreams come true.  It begs the question, what did I do wrong?


I don't really believe that I did something wrong.  I just maybe let an opportunity pass by.  I didn't fight for it.  I didn't take advantage.  I didn't make that leap. And that leaves me wanting.

Every once in a while I'll get an email or comment from someone who enjoys reading my blog.  Or likes my creative output.  Or says I'm interesting. Or is inspired by me.  And it surprises me.  Every time. 

Because I find so much inspiration in other people and I don't see myself as being on the same level as them.  I'm not saying that I am, but the future is there. The possibility.

And it keeps me moving forward.  Keeps me trying.  Motivated.  Creating.  Progressing

Because while what I do is mostly for me, it is so nice and good that someone else appreciates and finds inspiration in what I do. 


Just like I find inspiration in what they do.

So here's to making dreams come true.

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