the feast

Good Eats

The day started with lunch.  And since I skipped breakfast, I had breakfast for lunch.  Because let's face it, breakfast is awesome at anytime of the day.

Behold, egg nog french toast.  With butter, powdered sugar, and a few berries.  So yummy.


Then came the good stuff.  Lemon and garlic pork loin, potatoes mashed with garlic and sour cream, blanched green beans with olive oil and garlic, roasted carrots with olive oil and sugar.  And it was heavenly.  While I was full after this first plate of food, I celebrated in true Thanksgiving style and had seconds.  


And since I actually forgot to eat dessert last night, I had it for breakfast this morning. Wonderfully creamy and sweet creme brule.  It's a good thing there is a second one in the fridge because it just didn't last long enough.


I'll be eating the leftovers all weekend.  I can't wait.


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