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The biggest change in the works right now?  I'm moving.  I made the decision.  I haven't found the perfect place yet.  But I'm on the hunt.  There are plans to put an apartment blitz in motion on Saturday.  I'm being a bit more thorough this time around.  Not that I'm unhappy with the one I'm in.  But I'm ready for the change of a new place to help facilitate the other changes that have been waiting in the wings.

Like the fact that I have too.much.crap. There is just too much of it.  So I'm doing what needs to be done and I'm getting rid of it.  I've made myself a reminder to grab a few boxes at work so I can collect and get some of this stuff to DI.  The new place will have a lot less space and storage (on purpose) so I need to bring the 'stuff meter' down a few notches.  And I'll be getting a couple bins for the crafty stuff too so it's more organized and easier to move.

Other things going on?  School.  Work.  Group projects.  And since I'm always mulling over and simmering something in my brain, I'm having a hard time finding words to put down that will make sense to you.  And since I've had a request (multiple times) for more clear explanations, I'll keep most of it to myself.  If I try to get it out now, it won't be right.  It has to cook a bit longer in there.

In other news, I'm starting to think about what things I want to have happen next year.  I know, it's a bit early for new goals for the new year.  But I obviously can't help but overload my brain to the point of insanity. 

I've been chatting with a coworker/pen pal who lives in New York. He's headed to Las Vegas for vacation.  I'm still riding the high from my visit to New York in September, so I'm not feeling an urgent need to dash off somewhere.  But I'd like to visit someplace next year.  Las Vegas is already on the docket for late summer.  I'd love to go back to New York, but I should maybe hit another place first, right?  Where else should I be thinking about?  Chicago? Washington DC?  Seattle?  Boston?  San Francisco?  Portland? Canada? 


Where have you loved visiting?  What would you recommend? I'm thinking about 4 days in a city somewhere.  Send your suggestions!


2 thoughts on “changes + a vacation

  1. What about Cincinnati? You already have a free place to stay there. 🙂 There's also Atlanta (my hometown). Could meet you down there and show you around. Or if you choose Chicago, it's about 5 hours away. I could meet you there as well. Haven't been there yet, but heard it's a great place to visit. I've been wanting to travel some. But, it's just not the same traveling alone. So, if you ever want a traveling buddy, let me know. I'm up for going anywhere. 🙂

  2. Atlanta sounds good to me, too. I have a long lost uncle there. If I end up moving to DC you can definitely visit! It is so beautiful there. It is a bustling metropolis like NYC, but the cool serenity of “being down south” balances the rugged edges of the concrete jungle of up north. And it's way cleaner. You can actually see stars at nighttime. And LOTS of those beautiful autumn colors you adore so much.
    There's my two cents.

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