A new read


I stumbled upon Confessions of a Love Addict a couple weeks ago when one of the posts was referenced in a friend's blog.  (like I just did. see how that works?)  I kinda connected with what I read, but I was short on time and could read more.  I bookmarked it to come back at a later time.  

Yesterday morning was the later time.  It's been interesting to read her thoughts on love and being a single young woman.  It resonates with me.  I connect with her thoughts the way that I hope people connect with my thoughts. 

I realized that I tend to be more vague and more confusing because I don't want to reveal too much or be too personal.  When, being personal is what draws people to you.  Right?  Right.

So while I figure that all out, you should head over to Confessions of a Love Addict.  It's a good read.


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