4 Simple Goals

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Ready for an update?  It's about time for a mid-way check up. 


1.  No purchasing of new shoes. Reward? New desk chair. Well, someone super special and important to me purchased the chair for my birthday.  So that is so super exciting.  I did purchase a new pair of boots as a birthday present for myself.  But, I have not returned to purchasing.  Not indulging in the shoe buying has helped me drive home that there is no event, date, or vacation that requires something I don't have.  And especially now since I have black boots. 🙂


2.  Drink more water.  Not applying very much concentration to this one.  While my water intake is up, I can do better.


3.  Eat vegetarian for one month.  I have procrastinated this one. (see #4)  I believe December is the lucky month.  I have had a small change of heart in regards to the diet that works best for me.  I've added more focus to lean protein and ample veggies.  That said, I'm still looking forward to vegetarian.  So it stays on the list.


4.  Stop procrastinating.  I am getting better at this.  It is far from being a new habit and part of the routine, but I am more focused.  The multiple lists and assigning specific tasks to certain days is helping.  Though I do still take a night off completely every so often.  It's good for the soul.


How are you doing on your goals?  Didn't set any?  There is still time…



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