talk about a lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday, life

I slept a lot this weekend.  A lot a lot.  And I'm feeling a but groggy this morning.  Which happens when I sleep that much. I like when we lose an hour for Daylight Savings.  I get to sleep in and still get up on time.  Love love love.


Aside from sleeping, I did got some things done.  Of course, if I hadn't spent so much time snoozing I would have gotten more done.  But whatever. 

Among the most noteable, dishes were washed, sheets were changed, couch and love seat sold, furniture moved around, knitting project finished, and I think that's about it.


I made cookies which means the kitchen needs to be cleaned again.  I remember now why I stopped creating things in the kitchen.  It dirties up the dishes.

On the list for this week:  Christmas presents.  Can you believe it?  It's pretty much that time already.  And, since I H.A.T.E. being in the stores in December, I'm on a mission to be done before December hits.  

In other news, the leaves are falling off the trees.  The beautiful golden leaves are leaving and leaving the branches gray and naked.  This part of autumn always makes me a bit sad.  I love the colors so much and the world will now be gray for the next 5+ months.  Winter has it's own beauty and I like that too, but I always miss fall when it's over.

Here's to the change in the seasons that almost always leads to a change in our lives.


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