I am by no means a techie.  But I do love a good gadget.  And who doesn't love getting a new phone?  And when it's a gadget and phone and total awesomeness all rolled into one?  Consider me entertained for a long while.


(taken with my iphone)

And this is how I looked for a good hour.  Or more.  Then I tore myself away to watch more mad men and stay up too late.  Which of course, was completely and totally worth it this time.

And, my nails are now painted a lavender greige.  Awesome.

School tonight.  Group projects suck.  Sorry, but they totally do.

Watched Toy Story 3 last night.  Teared up again.  Seriously.  Now, I'm a crier in the movies.  But I'm having trouble recalling the last time an animated film made me cry.  Like a small drop of water escaped my eye and rolled away.  Good movie.

Found a new slouchy sweater.  Wearing it today.  Also awesome.

And just so you know, I'm so cool right now that you can't even stand next to me.  Serious.  





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