Bring it on


I know, I just asked for it.  But right this minute, I'm feeling ready for it.  

Mostly, things are stressful.  I have this huge debate inside about doing the things I want to do vs. the things I need to do.  Constantly.  I wish I could just turn it off and follow the list.  The schedule.  The things I already decided need to get done when I was feeling motivated and unemotional.  Unbiased.  When I was the planner.  The go-getter.  The do-er.  Why is everything so much harder 7:30 at night than 4:30 in the morning?  And why do I have to waste the majority of my day at work?  Who needs a paycheck when there is all this stuff that has to get done?  Right.


School is coming to a peak.  It's the mid-semester push.  Projects are starting to build and pile on.  And that's why the organization that I thrive on is so important.  I've already set my limits.  Now it's time to push them.

It's that time of year when it starts to be more chilly than I want it to be.  I'm just glad that this first week of November will be low sixties and not snowing.  I really not ready for that just yet.

In other more spunky news, the birthday haircut has added quite a bit of attitude and spunk to my step.  The best hair decision this quarter.  Second to dyeing it red anyway.  In love with it.

Also, loving my slouchy sweaters this season.  I've always been a cardigan girl, but right now nothing beats a slouchy sweater, skinny pants, and boots.  Can I remind you how much I love fall?  Love love love.

And now I've rambled and rambled.  Didn't I do this recently?  Hmm.  I'll have to share more pictures next time.




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