November already?


Apparently, October is gone now.  And I'm kinda sad about it.  I've been watching the colored leaves creep down the mountain and along the creek all month.  Now they are all yellow and slowing vacating their trees, dusting the ground like confetti.  I love it.  The earth is brown and damp, the rocks are gray, the leaves are red and yellow, the pines are green.  I always did love the autumn color palette the best.  It sure is chilly in the morning.


The first of the month is always a starting over day for me.  Start a new to-do list sheet.  A new expense file.  New plans to set in motion.  I do a lot of reviewing and planning.  Making sure everything I can control is being controlled like it should be.  What needs improvement?  What should I be planning for?  The first is full of reevaluation and preparation.  Just the way I like it.


I've been getting burned out so this month I'll be finding the things that can be removed from the to-do list.  At least until school is out in mid-December.  

I finished season 1 of Mad Men yesterday after work.  Sooo addicting!  Made myself get up and do other things so I didn't start season 2.  I could sit and watch it all day.  Obviously, that's not very productive.  Though it is conducive to making scarves.

As it gets colder, Ellie turns into a little snuggle bean.  She lays in the sunshine that comes through the window and after it's gone she snuggles up in my lap or next to me under the blanket.  I think she really could sleep all day!

And for the record, my toes are cold.


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