The Egg & I

What I'm...

I have this funny habit of hanging on to things purely for their sentimental value.  It's a train ticket from the first time I rode Trax by myself.  It's my Metro Card from my trip to New York.  It's pictures of funny faces on the day I graduated high school.  It's also a book.


The Egg and I was given to me by my grandparents.  I don't remember much about the situation.  I do remember my grandma telling me that grandpa had read it while he was away in the Korean War.  That he laughed and really enjoyed it.  Which it always an interesting thought, he was kind of a hard nosed dude.  Though I do remember him laughing so it's not that weird after all.

Anyway, my gramps was raised on a farm in North Dakota, quit school after the 8th grade so he could work on the farm.  No electricity, no phone, no indoor plumbing.  A different time then.  

I did read the book when I was young, about 10-11 maybe?  I didn't really understand why it was so funny.  Though I do remember the woman saying that her husband made sure the chickens were completely taken care of, to the point of the coop being a nicer place to live than their house.

So I'm interested in reading it again.  Because perspective changes as you get older, right? 

It's like reading Dilbert.  It's only funny after you work in an office.

Happy reading…


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