the day started kind of gray

Lazy Sunday, life

And I loved it.  Yesterday was sunshine-y and wonderful for running errands.  This morning was overcast and chill perfect for coffee and snuggling in my snuggly robe.  



Ellie decided she needed to be in my lap while I was blog surfing this morning.  


And she must have decided that my lap wasn't quite big enough because her chin rested on the desk.  And she fell asleep like that.



I have since moved on to more productive activities today.  Including a re-color of my hair, pedicure, clothes put away, dishes washed, bathroom cleaned. And now while the sun still shines, some worky work and homework.  The reward when it's all finished?  Season 1 of Mad Men.  On DVD.  While working of course.  


Happy weekend.  Enjoy what's left of it.


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