the weekend


I'm so glad it's Friday.  It seems that I'm hardly able to keep my feet under me during the week.  When Friday finally rolls around I'm so relieved.  Not only that it's all over, but that I made it.

Of course, Friday itself doesn't bring much relief.  I still have to go to work y'know.  But the joy comes on Saturday.  When I don't have to get up.  At all.  If I don't want to.  I get to sleep sleep sleep in.  Which is so nice.

And there is always a to-do list several pages long.  The want-to and the need-to and the must-do.  But taking time out on Saturday morning to relax and veg a bit.  Not only is it ok, it's totally necessary. 

Last Saturday while I was dog sitting I bundled up and took my coffee out on the deck to watch the dogs zoom around the yard.  This is what I miss most about living in a house, private space outside.  Even a balcony would be nice.  I don't need grass to be happy, just someplace to plop a chair and breathe the crisp air.

So, now a question…

What do you do to relax?  What do you do to stay focused?  Grounded?  Rejuvenated? Recharged?  How do you keep from going crazy by the end of the week?

I want to know!



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