Thoughts on Thursday

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During my brief hiatus I had lots, and I mean lots, of time to think and plan and write it all down.  And it was beyond good for my soul.  And brain.  This is especially needed during this time of year.  

Friday started like this:



Yep, rainy and gray.  But after a few errands run, a pumpkin spice latte, and a new sweater, all was right in my world.  I endured few more bumps in the road and by Sunday morning I was ready to face the world.  So ready that I even took a shower.  



So glad I thought to take my trusty sketch book with me over the weekend.  Which is really used as a notebook.  Because I L.O.V.E. that the paper is heavy and doesn't have lines.  Also in the picture?  My iPod, charging because it's dead.  My favorite cheap cheap ball point pen.  A bobby pin because my bangs are long enough to pin back out of my ears and nose and face. A quarter that's actually worth $2.  Who knew?  And an old ring for an old frame of mind.  I wore it every day for 2 years.  It's now been retired for a more dramatic and confident version of itself.  Sound familiar?  Hmm.

The point is, I think I'm ready.  I think I'm ready to take that step.  To hop off the fence.  To make it happen.  To do what needs to be done.  Because I'm already half way there.  Really, I'm more than half way there.  All I need now is the commitment.  And after MONTHS of thinking and pondering and walking in circles, I'm ready.  Because I've already done the hard part.  I already made the decision.  I just have to commit to it.

So look out.  I'm committing.  And I'm gonna do it.  Or bust.


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