life, Project Positive

I'm back.  And I'm feeling better.  At least feeling like I can handle what's on my plate now.  I'm stayin' alive!  Stayin' alive!  (That's for you Shauna)

I did make a pilgrimage home while I was out house sitting.  I take my laundry over there and get all the big stuff washed.  Like my comforter and rugs and stuff.  On Sunday I ventured home after the laundry was all washed and clean and folded so I wouldn't have to cart it around with me on Tuesday (today).  While hauling everything up the stairs (there are two flights) I saw a really big box sitting outside my door.  I immediately wondered if I had ordered something by accident.  Seriously.  But no, I hadn't.  As it turns out, it was one of the most wonderful things that has happened to me.  I was so excited I could hardly quit dancing long enough to haul it inside.  Let alone get it out of the entry to rip it open and put it together.  Not kidding.


Do ya see it?  Can you believe it?  And the crazy part?  I have no idea who sent it.  Yep.  Don't know.


So to whoever (whomever?) sent this fabulous and totally wonderful chair, thank you.  A million times over.  Crazy amounts of love have been sent out into the universe.  Hopefully you can feel it.


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