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My brain is doing this think-of-everything-all-at-once-and-don't-retain-ANY-OF-IT. Again.


I am driven a particular brand of nuts when this happens.  I can hardly stand it.  This is the point when I walk around writing things in a small notebook so I can get them out of my head and remember to think about them later.  Which is why my brain is on cycle, because I don't want to forget those things I'm thinking about.  So I go overboard on the overload just to try and remember what it is I'm thinking about so when I have time to actually think about it I'll remember it.  


I've talked before about being on overload.  It always happens this time of year when I would much rather be outside stomping crunchy leaves and smelling the air and looking at the colors and feeling the chill in the air. 

Yep, it's my favorite time of year.

And because there are so many balls in the air I end up choosing which one to drop. Because I can't  keep them all in the air.  And it's always the fun stuff that gets left behind.  But it always happens that I'm incredibly busy and overloaded and thinking about other things. So I usually don't get to do as much stomping, smelling, looking, and feeling as I want to.  Or originally planned to do. 


The point is, I've GOT to get myself back on track.  So I'm turning off my computer.  Well, not really since I still need to do some stuff on it.  Like pay bills.  But tomorrow morning after the checkbook is balanced and the bills are paid, the computer is going off and I'll be away finding some balance.  And direction. And peace.  

And stomping leaves.


Happy Autumn!


(images via weheartit.com)

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