Special Programing


Brought to you by… BIRTHDAYS!

I've been dreaming of a white christmas.

Just kidding. 

I'm not.  Yet.

But I do have a very special birthday wish list. 

Just for funsies. 

By no means am I asking anyone to go out and purchase these things. Because a few of them are fairly rediculous and not at all practical.

To purchase for someone else.

Unless you're my boyfriend who makes ALOT of money.  

And if there was such a person (because there isn't) he would have gone out and done it already.

1. This bag.  Not only because it ROCKS.  But because it's really a camera bag.  Hello cute tourist!



2. This chair.  I've already expressed the love I have for this chair.  Someone could put me out of my misery and just buy it already.



3. This lens.  I've wanted a wide angle for a long time.  There are always things that are more important to purchase.  Shoot. (no pun intended.  hee hee)



4. This wallet.  Makes my mouth water.  I even got to touch it. But I really wanted to hug it. And run out the door with it.  Don't worry, I didn't. There is a reason they keep it on the 4th floor.


5. Washer and Dryer.  They would make my life SO much easier.  At least laundry would be a lot more convenient.

012505378607xl   012505378614xl

6. A stay-caction.  Here.  Or here.  Or here.


7. This book.  Because it just looks yummy.



8. iPhone.  Because that is the last piece of the puzzle that will make me cool and enviable forever.  Really.



On a more serious note…

Actually, I have nothing serious to say right now.  I'm filled with envy and confused about the differences between want and need.

Don't worry, it's not a daily occurrence. Tune in on 10/26 for a more thought provoking discussion on mortality and the significance of growing older.  



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