I love Saturday.  Especially this one. 


I've been reading the missed connections on Craig's List.  Not because I had one.  But because it's kinda romantic. I understand how scary it can be to talk to a pretty stranger.  And it's kinda fun that there are people out there that see someone and their heart skips a beat and they finally get up the courage to say something and then… they are gone.  And there is a place that they can put it all down in an effort to reach this person only to say, “you caught my eye and I want to talk to you”.  I love it.  

Today is going be a busy one.  I have to work tomorrow, it's the 4th Sunday.  So today is it as far as my weekend goes.  Which is really fine.  I really ok with it.  But with laundry and homework and a dirty bathroom and dishes and the chaos that currently is dictating my life, it gets a little bit squishy for one day.  But I can handle it.  Because I always handle it.  


Between the things I need to do and the things I want to do there is no time left in the day.

Happy Saturday!


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