This week

crafty, life

In… life.  Uck.

I feel very far behind.  But I'm not sure what I'm behind.  Or how to catch up.  So this weekend is filled with to do lists.  And most likely a trip to my beloved park and shady spot to focus on the future and what it is that I NEED.  I'm kinda over the want stuff.  I want a lot of stuff.  I think it's about time to focus in on the need stuff.

By the way… HAPPY OCTOBER!

In the mean time.  I'm crocheting like crazy.  Or like a crazy person.  I can't decide. 


Also, I've picked up some yarn while it's on sale.  Yeah, I said some.  There was some self control exercised.


I have a handful of finished projects I need to get pictures of and post in the shop.  Despite what it looks like, I have been productive.  I promise.

I have a halloween costume to be working on.  Not mine, it belongs to a friend.  Mr. Incredible gets more muscles this year.  Kinda fun.

And in the mean time.  I need to clean this place up.  Good grief!  Who lives here anyway?  




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