NYC – Day 4

Happy Travels

Sunday was the last day I spent time in NYC.  We were on a schedule since we needed to be on the train headed back to the airport at 4.  

We ate breakfast at the apartment and headed down to Columbus Square at Central Park.  I wanted to see the Belvedere Castle and I've seen in a couple movies.  🙂  So we hit up the Starbucks for some iced caffeine and headed into the park.  It was such a BEAUTIFUL day.  There were so many runners and bikers and dog walkers on the road and side walks.  There were sunbathers and game players and picnicers.  Such a beautiful day.  And the park really is this HUGE green space smack in the middle of Manhattan.  It's amazing.  And so quiet in there.  I loved it.  

We found the castle and climbed up inside.  The view was so cool.



 After the park we caught the train back to 5th Avenue and stepping inside Tiffany & Co.  Yep.  Start drooling now.  I decided not to take any pictures inside.  And I'm not even sure if you are allowed to.  But it was sparkly and beautiful and amazing.  The Tiffany Diamond is on display there.  Almost 282 carats of yellow diamond.  Wow.   We walked all 4 floors.  Apparently Tiffany's is now into handbags.  And they are yummy.  And expensive!

After Tiffany's we headed down a couple blocks to Serendipity 3.  This is the ice cream shop from the movie Serendipity with Kate Beckensale and John Cusak.  Also featured on the travel channel's Ice Cream Paradise.  I had the frozen hot chocolate and Shauna had the frozen peanut butter hot chocolate.  And it was sooo good.




And then off to the airport!  Shauna rode the trail with me half way until I had to switch trains.  What a good friend!  The security line was ridiculous and we had to sit on the tarmac for 45 minutes before take off.  But I did have a couple naps on the plane.    I got a taxi in SLC like a big girl and got home before midnight.  Whew!

After reading all 4 posts have you picked out the word of the trip?  Awesome.  Because New York City is totally awesome.  🙂

Happy Travels!



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