NYC – Day 3

Happy Travels


 We got rolling about mid-morning and headed to brunch. I've now been schooled on the concept of brunch.  Contrary to what you have been taught your whole life, brunch is not the meal between breakfast and lunch.  Brunch is the event of meeting up with your friends, eating good food, taking your time, and enjoying the Saturday.  Or Sunday.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the time of day.  And this may be in part because everyone else in the city, like us, had not gone to bed until 4 or 5 am.  In that case, noon for brunch is totally feasible. So when we arrived at LIbation at noon and said we were their for brunch, it was totally normal. 

After a totally delicious brunch, we hopped on yet another train and made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge.  Which is pretty amazing by the way.   And beautiful.  It was suggested to me by a friend that I should walk across the bridge.  So we did.  Wow.




After crossing the bridge, we stopped for a caffeine on ice pick-me-up and headed to a park at the base of the bridge on the Brooklyn side.    While we were relaxing in the park we saw 4 weddings.  And 3 more before we left.  And then another in Harlem!  That's 8 weddings.  In one Saturday.  And of course, every bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome.  🙂



We hoofed it around Brooklyn a little bit and realized how exhausted we were.  So we headed back to Harlem.  Got home about 7:30ish and went to sleep.  I needed a nap!   We both slept solid until about 10pm.  We hopped up feeling much refreshed and headed to dinner.  At 10pm.  Off to Dinosaur BBQ which was amazingly fantastic.  Live music and excellent southern bbq. 

Then off to Times Square!  Which was teeming with people at 12:30 at night!  This city really never does sleep.  There are always people out and about at every hour!  We walked through Times Square, past the Rockefeller Center, down 5th Avenue, past the Plaza, along Central Park, and back to Columbus Circle where we hopped the train back to Harlem.  And into bed at 3:30 am.  What a day!



New York City really is the city that never sleeps.  Saturday was kind of a rough day.  We were both so tired and exhausted that it was hard to really be present and enjoy the moments and the city.  Even though it was a vacation, we still had to give ourselves permission to take a nap.  It felt like there were so many other things to do, but as tired as we were, there was no way we were going to enjoy it.  So lesson learned, it's ok to be tired.  I walked all over that city for crying out loud!  It was fun, and it was totally ok to take a break.

Happy Travels!



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