cooped up

she said

I got home a bit later than usual last night.  It's won't be unusual next week, it was because of my monday night class.  But this does mean that Ellie was home by herself longer than she is normally.  But not longer than she has been before. 



Of course, she was so happy to see me when I got home all tired and hungry.  That's why I like dogs better than cats by the way.  She validates my tired and hungry existence on this planet. 🙂

But I digress.



We headed outside to let her go wee.  She finished her little business and started up the stairs back into the apartment.  I called her back and as soon as I knew she saw me, I took off running (read: light jog) in the opposite direction.  She took off after me and soon passed me.  I called her and took off in the other direction.  She followed suit and if she was a tongue wagger, her tongue would have been flopping all over the place.  

We ran (I jogged she ran) back and forth a few times until she slowed down.  Barely slower, but still slower.  



And I think she had a better night because of it.  A little exercise after sleeping all day.  Who wouldn't feel better.


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