This week in sewing

crafty, PennyJo

It's been a dry week this time around as far as sewing goes.  Which means I am not keeping up the the projects like I maybe wanted to. 

But school started this week.  And I knew that sewing was going to take up space on the back burner.  But only until I find my new groove.  Which shouldn't take long.  I'll be right back into it soon enough.

But this is what I did accomplish this week:


 A custom order for Etsy.  Yay!  Off to the post office tomorrow.


 It's a roll up tool holder.  And since I don't have many tools (though now that I think about it I should make another for them too.  They always seem to be lost…) I put knitting needles in it instead.  Yay!


Of course the first time you make something you figure out the things you would do differently next time.  The trick is, will there be a next time?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.


And that's it!  I'm kinda sad about it.  But I have been collecting ideas, fabric remnants, blogs, and of course the class isn't over yet.  We've finally reached the skirt, the pillow with piping, and dress alterations.  

Now all I need is jersey knit for the skirt (I saw some with stripes that I MUST have) and some piping.  With coupon in hand, I'll be headed into my new hangout to make a purchase.

Wish me luck!


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