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Home Ec has been really fun so far.  We are blazing through project after project and soon we will be to the stuff that I'm super excited about! 



  I wasn't going to do the ironing board cover right away.  I had doubts that I would find fabric that I like well enough.  But while I was at the store picking up a remnant for something else, I spied these FREAKING CUTE owls in the stuff-we-just-got-in cart.  So I snatched up 2 yards.  I used 1 on this project, and now I still have 1 more.  So glad I splurged on this.  It totally makes ironing an ok thing.


These are quilted pot holders.  Loved the fat quarters I picked out for them.  Not so excited about how they turned out.  I forgot to pick up the batting that goes in the middle, but I had a large piece of flannel that I used instead.  I might like them better with the more fluffy interior.  These are about 8″ square so I have plenty of material in these patterns if I wanted to try it again.

I've skipped a project or two, which I'm really ok with.  I've read the instructions and they aren't things I haven't done before.  Plus, I don't really need a baby bib.  🙂  And, I'm saving the curtains for next summer.  Or sooner if things fall into place.  But I'm not in a hurry to make those.  🙂

Happy Sewing!



One thought on “this week in sewing

  1. Such very cute, happy owls. I just the other night made a cover for a little table-top ironing board I got at a garage sale at Karen's for $1! I used a piece of ticking that was from my mother's collection. Feel very vintage and nostalgic about that. It was an inch too short, but I made it work! Yay! I'll send a little picture at some point, and you will know what it is all about.
    How many layers of flannel did you put in the potholders? Using flannel is a very historicall approach, you know. My mother used old blankets and covered them with cuter stuff. In the old days people would layer all sorts of old fabrics together and then cover it with a quilt top–using what they had.
    Love you so much. And I know you are having a blast with this, which pleases me to no end!
    Love, Mom

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