Old Stuff = New Stuff


Ever since my sisters moved out of the house my mom had a special drawer for them in the guest room.  She would collect things and put them in the drawer so that when my sisters came to visit, all the stuff she had for them was in one place.  They would just empty the drawer and take all the stuff home with them.  

It would be little things.  Magazines, recipes, mail, stuff left behind from the last trip, etc.  

Well, my parents don't live in that same house anymore. (tear*)  Nor do they still have that dresser.  But my mom still collects things for each of us kids in our own little box and when we see each other, she passes it along.  I have to admit, it's kinda fun.

This last time the box was full of nostalgic treasures.  You see, they've been trying to sell that house.  And slowly mom has been cleaning out.  And with that she passes along some nostalgic treasures.  Kinda fun.


 You wanna see?

In the second grade, before Christmas break, we made gingerbread houses from milk cartons, graham crackers, frosting, and candies.  The nights of the Christmas/Winter concert (where all the grades get up as sing songs and wave at their parents when they aren't supposed to) all the parents came to the class room and looked at our “gingerbread” village.  I believe this is a thank you card to my mom for staying after and helping clean the room.  I have vague memories of the event, there are pictures somewhere.  My favorite page?  Mine of course!




The next is a collection of writing samples from school.  I have super vague memories of them.  When I looked at them, I wished they had dates on the back or something.  I think they are kindergarten age.  *Note to self, date the back of the homework.



These little beauties also came in the box.  The top one was my older brother's.  The instruction manual came along with it.  The date on the inside?  1983.  Yep, it's as old as I am.  And the second one?  It has film in it.  Hmmm.  I have the thought of finishing it up and getting it developed.  I'm sure it's not good anymore, but… will I know I if don't develop it?



 Also in the box? Old birthday cards, watercolor paper, and a few art supplies.  I don't know the correct way to use chalks or oil pastels, but I always did like to get my hands dirty.



One thought on “Old Stuff = New Stuff

  1. Loved your writing approach to telling about getting into your box. The thank you notes were from the class kids because I actually came and helped in class the day you all made the gingerbread houses. It was crazy and fun.
    I wish I had dated your papers, too.
    And yes, finish the film in the camera and get it deveoped! Then tell us what was there. It, the film, probably is still good.

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