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I've been sewing like a madwoman the last two days.  Home Ec started this week.  (registrations closes on Sunday so you can still sign up if you want!)  I guess I read it wrong because I thought it was going to be one class every week.  But it's one class every DAY.   Holy cow!  The blog, classes, and instructions are up for a year, so I can go at my own pace.  But the first few projects have been fairly easy for me, so I whipped them out in the last couple days.  Fun! 

Now I finally have napkins!  I'd been procrastinating the making of them, wasn't sure of my self.  But now, I sewed napkins like crazy and there are 8.  With material to make 4 more if I so decide.  Or 2 if I make them double sided.




With exception of the 4 double sided napkins, which are the perfect use for fat quarters by the way, the material I used was all scraps from my stash. 



 I got the hearts that I used for the bags a couple years ago, it's a remnant from WalMart  ha!  So glad I finally used it, there was enough there for two bags.  I figured that since I hadn't used the material for anything in 2 years, and I couldn't think of anything in the class that I would use it for, and since it was SO CUTE as a little shopping bag, I decided why the heck not? And sewed them both at the same time.  Fun!



The fabric from the drawstring bag was initially destined for something else, it was already cut and everything.  But I decided it would be much cuter as this drawstring bag so I trimmed it up and tada! So cute.  The piece was a bit shorter than what was called for, but I am totally fine with it since it turned out so cute.

Thanks to my sister, I have a small box of remnants from her stash that I can whip into what ever I want!  Thanks!  

And also, thanks to my brother for the rotary cutter and mat (my Christmas present in August). Saves so much time!  And I think of you every time I use it. (Which has been a TON in the last two days)  Thank you!

Happy Saturday!


One thought on “sewing sewing sewing

  1. How much fun are you having? Looks like a lot! Cute napkins–double sided! I never thought of doing that, but it's a good idea. The heart bag is so very happy and cute. Does your drawstring bag have a crocheted top on it–the black at the top? A stash is so much fun, as long as it doesn't become addictive-building. I've done that before! Which sister did you get the remnants from? Don't you love the rotary cutter paraphenalia! I don't think I could live without the stuff. Ooops. I feel a motiviational moment coming on…

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