4 Simple Goals



There are a few folks around the blogosphere (elsie, holly, emma, )that have set 4 simple goals to accomplish before the end of the year.  I've thought about this, and decided to join in. Only because it involves rewards. 🙂

1. NO buying of shoes for the next 4 months.  I promise.  I have enough, trust me.  There is no event, destination, or date that would require a new pair.  I have enough.  



The reward?  A good desk chair.  Because if I can not buy shoes for 4 months, then I can afford a chair that doesn't make my legs fall asleep if I sit for more than 10 minutes.  



2. Drink more water.  A body just functions better when hydrated.  Don't you agree?



The reward?  Fewer headaches.  Less stiffness in my joints.  Easier wake up in the morning. Overall feeling better.  



3. Go vegetarian for one WHOLE month.  This won't be difficult.  Just takes a bit of self control.  I have a mostly vegetarian diet anyway, but I love my pork.  So with a bit more discipline, self control, and planning, I'll go veggie.



The reward?  A better functioning body.  Trust me.  I know this doesn't work for everyone, but for me, it really does make a difference.  



4. STOP procrastinating.  There are SO MANY things that I want to do.  I love making lists and crossing off the things that I get done.  I HATE transferring the undone things to new lists.  Makes me crabby.  



The reward?  My time will be spent more efficiently.  I'll feel better about the day when I go to sleep.  No more wasting Saturday snoozing on the couch while watching baseball and reading my latest find.  Because there just isn't time to be lazy. There is only enough time for accomplishing the things on my list.  (with balance of course.)



Alright!  I'm geared up and ready.  Are you?


One thought on “4 Simple Goals

  1. Love the picture of the yarns–so colorful and full of texture. I like your goals, and LOVE your chair!
    AND, you look like you're ready and rarin' to go! Your fur coat is a good color!

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