Sun Salute: Warrior


Alright my peeps.  On to the warriors!

Starting where we left off last week:


Stand, hands at heart center

Inhale arms up to mountain pose

exhale dive forward to forward fold

inhale to flat back

exhale to forward fold  

hands to the mat

step or jump both feet back to plank

exhale chaturanga

inhale upward facing dog

exhale downward facing dog

Start Here:

Look between hands, inhale step right foot between hands

exhale warrior I


exhale warrior II


exhale hands to mat

foot back to downdog


repeat other foot

Finish Here:


inhale to flat back

exhale to forward fold

inhale arms all the way up

exhale hands to heart center


Here goes…


Warrior I:

From downdog, look to the mat between your hands, aim, and step your right foot there.  This puts you in a lunge.  




Deep breath in, exhale while raising arms above your head, lift torso up.  Remember to keep the tailbone tucked to engage the core and protect the back.  Front leg is bent at the knee, resist the urge to cross the knee in front of your body, it should point straight forward.  The back leg is straight, you will feel a slight stretch in your hip.  Turn the toes to the side so the foot is perpendicular with the front foot. Take 3 deep breaths here.  As you exhale, go deeper into the lunge.  Reach up with your hands, keeping shoulders relaxed.  Hips are level, facing straight forward.




Warrior II:

From here, on the next exhale lower the arms to shoulder height.  Hips and torso turn to the side, look forward.  Front leg is still bent.  Relax shoulders, lift crown to the ceiling.  This one always feels good to me, it opens the hips a bit.  Resist collapsing the front knee in front of the body.  Take 3 deep breaths here.





Hands to mat, foot back to downdog:

On the next exhale, cartwheel hands to the mat on either side of the front foot, rotating the back foot so that you are on your toes.  This is the lunge position we were in earlier.  Exhale foot back to downdog.  Take 5 breaths here.  




While breathing, relax the shoulders.  Shake your head yes and no to relax the neck.  Press your heels to the mat to feel the good stretch in your hamstrings.  Take deep breaths.  Take inventory of your body.  How are you feeling?  What muscles are doing all the work?  Can you press your hips back to take any pressure off your back?  Can you stretch your legs a bit more?  


Repeat other foot:

If you started with the right foot forward, switch to the left foot forward.  Repeat all the steps.


to finish:

From downdog, step for jump both feet (I step) to your hands.  Inhale to flat back, exhale to forward fold.  Inhale up to mountain pose.  Exhale hands to heart center.  Sound familiar?  It's the end of the Half Sun Salute we did before.





OKAY!  That is the full sun salute.  

Questions? Concerns? Comments?



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