Camping with bologna dog

she said

I took Ellie with me to the family reunion this last weekend.  She is so good!  She wandered around camp behind me most of the time.  No leash!  Only once did she dash off to meet another dog.  Mostly, she's just content to lie in the shade and wait for a little kid to take her on a walk.  

Everyone loved her.  They couldn't help themselves and gave her little table scraps.  Which turned out fine.  Though at one point she did eat something that didn't agree with her and she threw up.  But mostly she was just fine.

Since, on normal nights, she sleeps in the bed with me, I had her in the tent at night.  She got a bit restless in the morning.  She usually wanders the house first thing in the morning.  Since she couldn't do that in the tent (she could but it only took 10 seconds) she nosed at the door pretty urgently.  Also, when we are home, I'll take her out and then we go back to sleep.  She did not go back to sleep there.  Once she was up, she was up.


 Photo taken by my brother Jud.



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