Back in the Saddle


Whomever is knocking over the pallets of product at work, can you please stop?  It's causing lots of trouble.  Thanks!

In other news, it's Monday.  And this time around it's the second work day.  Which I've decided I like.  A haircut is on the schedule this week.  Along with the DMV.  And the post office.  Probably time to get Ellie's nails clipped too, but that's one of those things that can wait for another time.  Plus, Home Ec starts too.

I'll be wearing my “throwing cases” clothes to work this week.  Since, as previously mentioned, our warehouse has gremlins.  I told the bosses yesterday that it's about time for an exorcism.  They all agreed.  

Stuff is piling up around me at home.  Things to do, stuff to take care of, projects to finish.  I'm starting to feel the before-school-crunch.  Is this what nesting feels like?  I just know that I'm gonna be dead to the world for about 4 months starting in 2 weeks.  And there is so much to take care of before then.  

And this might be a bit crazy, but really, Christmas is right around the corner and it will sneak up on me like it does every year.  AND I HAVE NO PLAN!  Ack!  

Breath sweet cheeks.  It's only August.  Whew.

See?  I'm about to go crazy bonkers over here.  Some organization could really help.

Or a maid.


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