Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

It is so beautiful outside today.  And it's not supposed to be so blasted hot either.  Yay!  bI saw the chairs strung around the pool the other day.  Y'know what that means?  I'm totally headed to the pool.  Finally!

I finished these little half sock things.  The pattern called the yoga socks, but they seem a bit slippery for yoga. But I'll totally pad around the house in them.  Especially when it turns cold and feetsies get chilly.  They were kinda fun to make anyway, even if I don't wear them.



I'm working on a couple projects for the family reunion today.  It's this weekend and sneaking up on me!  Yikes!  While working on a recycle sign for my trash can, I ran across this t-shirt.  I almost bought it on the spot!  But alas, I restrained.  Made me laugh out loud though.


Also getting together a packing list for this reunion.  Not sure why I'm so stressed about it this time around.  But I'm coping.  With lists.  Lists and lists and lists.  And, I think it's because this summer has gone by so quickly.  I've been keeping busy.  And now it's August.  Which means family reunion, school starts, Labor Day to end the summer and New York is only one month away.  Holy Cow!  Add in the name change and crafty projects, I'm been pretty busy.  Plus Home Ec start this month too.  

I'm ready for a nap now I think.  🙂 

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