clucking along


It's almost the end of July.  Almost August.  Can you believe it?  I'm having a hard time with it.  While it's been blasted hot, I'm not really ready to start thinking about the cold.  And in 2 months, it'll be snowing.  Feels like it just ended.  So not ready.

August means a family reunion.  Car insurance and registration is due.  School starts.  And a trip to NYC is just around the corner.  

Kinda not ready for all this to be happening.  

Summer was tumultuous.  

I'm just getting my feet back on the ground.  I'm just getting it all back together.  Back in line.  The ducks in a row.  Getting a grip.  A handle on things. 

Feeling good enough to start planning again.  To get back into routine.  Schedule.  

Back to life.




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