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I don't want to beat a dead horse here, but I do yoga.  Not as faithfully as I should.  Or even want to.  But I go.  And I really enjoy it.

But it is hard!


When I first started this yoga journey, one of the guys at work said, “it's just stretching isn't it?  how hard is that?”  I laughed in his face.   Which was maybe a little bit rude.  But I did it anyway.  

Yoga is alot about flexibility.  Alot about opening the joints, releasing the tension and pressure, relaxing into an intense stretch, to find the edge.  Inner peace.  Stillness.

It's also about balance.  Strength.  Endurance.  

I used to be able to endure.  I could swim for hours and hours.  One day I tred water for 3 hours.  For awhile I was running.  It was a slow pace, but it was for miles.  Climb stairs.  Walk for miles.  

But I was never strong enough.  You see, I got injured in high school.  I didn't really think much of it then, but oh how it effects me now.  A weak back = a weak body.


And yoga hurt at first.  Stressed my back a little bit.  But then I learned the way I was supposed to do it.  Talked to an instructor who broke her back as a teen and now teaches this stuff.  Learned the better way.  The safe way.  The way to build the strength.  

And now, while I am still not strong enough, I am stronger than I was.  Because even small progress is good progress.

And can I just tell you, there is a huge difference between pulling yourself through the water using both arms and legs, and holding yourself up on one arm and one leg while holding the other leg with the other arm.  And trying not to fall over.  


Hold for 5 breaths.

Then do the other side.  

Big difference.


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