So. Yeah.

life, What I'm...

It's been a while.

June was a bumpy ride for me.  Which is ok.  I handled it.  But I am glad it's over.  Boy am I glad it's over.

And I'm so glad it's a long weekend.  So very very glad.

I slept most of yesterday.  See?  July is already better.  Slept in today.  Hopefully I'll be back on track so I can enjoy my free day tomorrow.

Remember when I said I had scored a pool key?  Well, there is no water in that pool.  So that pretty much stinks.  It looked like they had been doing some work on it last week.  I was so hoping it would be open for tomorrow.  But it's not looking good.  Phooey.  I want a refund.



I went to court last week to get my legal name changed.  Triumph!  And really, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  

So now I have the great pleasure, and what feels like a wild goose chase, of getting everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, changed to my new name.  You just take a second, think about everything you give your name for, that has your name on it, or is legally tied to you.  Are you overwhelmed yet?  I've started a list so I don't forget anything.  And I'm overwhelmed.

On the list this month, besides all the name change stuff, car Insurance.  I think I pay too much.  But you don't know until you ask, right?  Right.  Besides, I HATE paying insurance the same month I pay registration.  Wipes me clean.

Hey, do you know anyone who needs a temple ready wedding dress?  Or something modest?  I have one.  And it's for sale.  Go here to check it out.

Other than all that jabber, Happy Birthday America!  I feel so blessed to live here.


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